If you are having problems with any JWare Software product you can use one or more of the methods in the table below to contact the JWare support team. Remember:

  • Use as specific a forum as possible; all of the “Trackers” are housed at and use’s Bugzilla (with all the happiness or sadness that makes you feel).
  • If you’re not sure which option to select, contact us through our general SourceForge email— remember to include the specific project name in your subject line to ensure the question is routed correctly.
  • For AntXtras-related issues you can also post to the general Ant Users mailing list.

AntXtras Trackers
Support Requests Tracker Use this tracker if you’re having problems installing or running any JWare Software product. You can also contact us directly. Do not submit bug reports to this tracker.
Bug Reports Tracker This is the general AntXtras problem tracking system; use it to report broken AntXtras functionality. Do not submit feature requests to this tracker.
Feature Requests Tracker This is the general AntXtras feature requests tracking system; use it to submit product enhancement requests. Do not submit bug reports to this tracker.
AntXtras Community
Release Announcements Subscribe to the announcements mailing list (read-only) if you want to be notified directly of new AntXtras product releases.
General User Community Subscribe and post to the general AntXtras discussion mailing list if you have a general question or a problem getting AntXtras to do what you’d like it to do.

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