Has something about JWare/AntXtras Svn4Ant (Svn4Ant) or this website made you curious, confused, annoyed, or bored? This section contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Svn4Ant. For general FAQs about AntXtras or this website read the AntXtras FAQs.

General Information

Q: What is JWare/AntXtras Subversion for Ant aka Svn4Ant?

JWare/AntXtras Subversion for Ant (Svn4Ant) is a complete set of native Ant tasks for managing Subversion working copies, exported directories, and repositories from a build, test, or deployment environment. The principal Svn4Ant components are described on the Overview page.

Q: What is the Svn4Ant license?

JWare/AntXtras Svn4Ant, binary and source form, is released under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU LGPL 2.1. Please read the LGPL carefully before using any of the Svn4Ant source in your own application.

Q: What do I need to install to use Svn4Ant?

You need the version of Ant, SVNKit, and AntXtras that matches the Svn4Ant series you’re downloading; read the Downloads page for detailed compatibility information.

Q: Are there any examples on how to use Svn4Ant?

Read the High Speed Tutorial first. Then go to the general Documents page for links to other documentation like the User Guide and JavaDocs.

Q: How do I report bugs, request features, etc.?

Read to the general JWare Software Support page for a list of available project trackers. You can also subscribe to either of our two AntXtras mailing lists: “AntX Announcements” and “AntX User Discussions”.

Q: Can I include a link to your website on my website?

You betcha! The best top level URL for Svn4Ant is http://jwaresoftware.org/wiki/svn4ant/home. You can also use a PURL; the PURL for Svn4Ant is http://purl.net/jware/svn4ant/.

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