JWare/AntXtras Subversion for Ant (Svn4Ant) is a complete set of Ant components for managing Subversion working copies, exported directories, and repositories from a build, test, or deployment environment. Immodestly, Svn4Ant’s goal is to be the best provider of Subversion Ant components. To use Svn4Ant you simply load its antlib into your Ant scripts.

Key Features
  1. Not a wrapper around an executable: 100% Java, 100% Subversion, 100% Ant.
  2. Works with a variety of working copy versions without forcing upgrades!
  3. Integrated Subversion credential management as well as support for native credential stores.
  4. Supports true snapshots and branches; external links pinned or moved automatically!
  5. Change lists and patch packages [In progress3.0+]
  6. Full suites of both client and admin components.
  7. Admin components support both fsfs as well as bdb type repositories.
  8. Many extensions beyond the standard Subversion commands.
  9. Does a lot with little Ant scripting– custom components for specific tasks.

Your Next Steps

  1. Go to the Svn4Ant Overview page for an introduction to Svn4Ant and its main features, a list of the main Svn4Ant client and admin components, and a set of “Quick Start Examples” to get started scripting with Svn4Ant.

  2. Go to the Downloads page for links to the latest Svn4Ant distributions, third-party software requirements, and installation instructions. Read the Support page if you’re unable to download or install Svn4Ant (or if you’d like to contact us for some reason).

  3. Go to the Documents page for links to additional documentation like the Svn4Ant FAQ, the complete Svn4Ant User Guide(pdf), additional Ant snippets, and the complete Svn4Ant Javadoc API reference.

  4. Go to the Future Plans page to see what we’ve got planned for Svn4Ant and when that “what” will be available for you to use. You can also submit your own enhancement and new feature requests from the Svn4Ant Feature Request Tracker.

Project Activities


Sep 2012

Svn4Ant 3.5.0b2 released. This release upgrades Svn4Ant to use AntXtras v3.5b2. This release is not compatible with Ant 1.7.x, SVNKit 1.1.8, or AntXtras v2 or v3.0. Read the release notes for additional information about changes.

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